Because I Want To

Lana McQuoid lives at a Palm Spring’s luxury boutique hotel. 

She lives a quiet life indulged by the small hotel staff who like her, though

no one knows she’s a pricey, skilled, and world-famous dominatrix. 

She’s something of a mystery.

Her dungeon is across the Coachella Valley from toney Palm Springs in Desert

Hot Springs, a tawdry, scruffy, inhospitable scape of cheap fast-food outlets,

strip malls, and smoke shops.  Something is wrong. 

Does Lana want love... a real relationship… is she burned out… does she have too

much money… is her power a demonic illusion?

But one thing for certain… something has to change.

She dates Ian, a charming, handsome, polite man who is not what

he appears to be.

Lana sings at The Purple Room once frequented by Frank Sinatra

and Dean Martin... and finds satisfaction in this escape. 

She drives a rare and expensive car...  alone, she hikes the barren

San Jacinto mountains... 

Through all this, she’s desperate to find herself.