Lana always carries a gun.


Karl is Lana's employee, friend, and a gay bear.


Roger and Elizabeth are eccentric clients of Lana's in Bel Air. 

LANA MCQUOID is not what you imagine a dominatrix to be.  She’s just like you in many ways, she just has a different job. 


Lana is well paid and enjoys a private life of luxury, choice, freedom. 


She's a classic car buff... a dog lover... she hikes the raw splendor of Palm Springs’ remote desert canyons – alone. 

Lana also has a unique talent. She’s a damn good singer and finds satisfaction, fulfillment and excitement – where else?  In front of an enthusiastic night club crowd.

Her working life is probably more how you would define her. She’s a stern, tough-minded businesswoman who caters to a wealthy clientele. 


She offers a well-polished dominatrix show but never has sex with her clients – they’re on their own in that department.

Lana no longer enjoys her work. She's tired of the repetitious demands of her wealthy clients.

Lana knows something is wrong in every nook, and cranny of her life. She searches for the next world, she can create.

IAN MARANUCI is a likable, polite Palm Springs real estate investor.  


A fun-loving and funny guy he's at ease in a dive bar, a costume party, or fine dining.  He finds Lana, dates her, and in his own way falls in love with her.

But unknown to Lana he’s a secret client of her’s who visits her in a mask, under the name “Daniel”. 

In her dungeon, he’s a voracious consumer of her services.  Like Lana, he lives two lives.


KARL is a great guy who protects Lana, introduces her to the fun of gay life of Palm Springs. Everyone likes Karl.

ROGER & ELIZABETH are clients of Lana's who changes her life.

MICHAEL, the gay owner of The Purple Room, an old Rat Pack hang out, is a confident and friend of Lana.  He sings with her at his club.  They’re two peas in a pod and he’s shocked when she reveals that she’s a dominatrix.  He knows Lana’s way forward, she just needs to figure it on her own. 

SAMATHA, Lana’s contemporary, works at the Palm Springs animal shelter and where she meets Lana. 


Terribly overweight, Samantha wears too much daytime makeup to compensate. But she’s a loving, fun woman who befriends Lana.  Samantha falls in love, marries, and brings hope to Lana that there’s a better life just around the corner.

BRIAN tends bar at the exclusive Colony Palms hotel, where Lana lives.  Professionally on point behind the bar, but something of a hustler.             


ROGER, Lana’s ex-husband, is an alcoholic who’s desperately in need of money. Coarse, crude, and selfish, Roger sues Lana for spousal support.